EADT Boeing x737-700 v5.1.1 Xplane 11.1
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EADT Boeing x737-700 v5.1.1 with X-FMC v2.6
Fuel calculations based on 4 calibration flights, 2 short, 2 long, empty and full

Because EFASS NG Payload/Fuel does not, as yet, affect fuel calculation, I have tried to emulate this using CI feature by enabling Performance Override and Cost-Index Factor. Figures based on use of ECON VNAV speeds.
CI=0 is empty plane (use 2 minimum.....pilots are still required)
CI=100 is full plane (values are % of total payload plus fuel)

All test flights done with 60 mins fuel reserve so you can fine tune up or down if required.

When EFASS Payload/Fuel functionality is enabled, edit Aircraft Template to remove these modifications.
On Tools/Aircraft Templates tab click Edit Template, double-click on Boeing x737-700 (EADT) file, on Performance Override tab untick Enable Performance Override box, then on Cost-Index Factor tab set all values to zero. When this is done click Save.

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