Export Plugin for 124thATC
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-- Export Script for 124thATC plugin
-- 06.05.2017 by Michael Schachinger
-- Version 1.0 / 06.05.2017 / for airlines
-- Enter the CALLSIGN in the flight plan using following format:
-- DLH123 (for Lufthansa 123) or BAW4567 (for British Airways 4567)
-- See the 124thATC documentation for recognized airline codes.
-- It is recommended to deselect "Export SID/STAR" waypoints,
-- as the SID/STAR is automatically assigned by 124thATC based
-- on the first and the last waypoint in the filed flight plan.
-- The export file "LastFlightPlan.txt" shall be written to the
-- plugin folder: ...\X-Plane 10\Resources\plugins\124thATC64
-- As I run EFASS NG on a network computer and access the 124thATC
-- plugin folder via network share I chose to make the target folder
-- for the export configurable and not based on X-Plane root folder.
-- The transition altitudes are currently left blank.
-- Therefore the default value from 124thATC options will be used.
-- Still need to check, if this data can be provided by EFASS NG.

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