FlightFactor Boeing 777-232 LR EFASS Template
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First release Version for FlightFactor Boeing 777-232LR

10.05.2017 19:23
Hi Cyris,

it seems that the values in your template are incorrect (?)
I have a trip from EDDK to LGTS with max pax and cargo (10 crew, 282pax, 37400kg Cargo)

ZFW 191910
Max Fuel 155542
Release Fuel --> 5700
MTOW 347452
Estimated Gross WEIGHT 197110
Extra Time Fuel 60 minutes

Changing the value of Extra time (for testing) is not changing the value of Release Fuel.
What I can see: The values ZFW and MAX Fuel and Estimated Gross Weight are in green color (they changes their value if I change the number of paxes e.g.). The others are in black color.

in Aircraft Template /Performance Override I made both boxes editable with following values:

Average VS 1800 ft/min
Average Climb GS 250 kts
Average Descent GS 250 kts
Rest values I left blank because I have still no values

Descent Angle is set to 3.0

Whats going wrong?

Excuse my bad english please.

Regards Uwe

10.05.2017 19:30

After another try to make a new flightplan the max value of px changed to 234 and cargo to 16000kg

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